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Claims Complaints Procedure

Free Assurance are regulated by the Ministry of Justice. We take our complaints very seriously. We are sorry that you might be thinking of making a complaint about us, and we will do everything possible to mak things right.

What we will do:

We will always acknowledge your complaint within 7 working days. We will always:

  • Tell you the name and details of the person who is handling your complaint.
  • Look into your complaint and listen to both sides
  • Resolve your complaints within 14 days
  • Give you details of the Ministry of Justice and ICO
  • We will never share your details

We never COLD CALL

Free Assurance never call colds. If you have had anyone claiming they work for Free Assurance, then we want to hear from you. As we take this issue very seriously.

How To Complain

You Call email us at

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Call Me Back

I claimed compensation 4 weeks ago and yesterday got a cheque for £1250 for my claim.


- Mathew Jones