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  • 1. Why Is This Service Free?

    This service is free because we recover our costs from the other side we are claiming from.

  • 2. Is My Claim Valid?

    If the accident / injury wasn't your fault, then most likely you do have a valid claim. Give us a call to find out.

  • 3. Do I Have To Go Court?

    Chances of your case going to court are very low as most of the cases we deal with are settled out of court.

  • 4. How Long Will The Process Take?

    Straight forward claims where liability has already been accepted take very little time. But where liability hasn't been accepted, could take a few months.

  • 5. Do You Do Home Visits?

    We do home visits..give us a call and we can arrange a home visit for you.

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I claimed compensation 4 weeks ago and yesterday got a cheque for £1250 for my claim.


- Mathew Jones