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Public Liability Claims

If you've been subject to a traffic accident due to a poorly maintained road surface, you might be wondering whether or not you're entitled to compensation. Since most of the time a claim for personal injury is made through the insurer of the guilty motorist, you must be wondering if there's an avenue open to you through which you can claim for the expenses and pain you've suffered – and rightly so. It may seem like it will be impossible to make your claim. But in a case like this you will need to make what is called a public liability claim for compensation.


Public Liability Claims A public liability claim for an accident that has been caused by the poor condition of the road is usually brought against the Local Authority. They are in charge of checking on the condition of the roads which are open for public use, and it is their responsibility to make sure that roads are maintained to a safe standard. If they fail to do so they have committed a form of negligence which is punishable by law. If the surface of the road is in such a bad condition that it has caused the vehicle you were travelling in to skid or crash, we believe you have the same right to make a public liability claim for compensation as the victim of a more common type of road accident.


However, many members of the public have in the past found that when they approach the relevant Local Authority with their complaint, they have been callously brushed aside. In order to try to avoid damage to their reputation by letting it be known that they operate an unsafe practice, organisations have been known to deny their role in the accident entirely. Many members of the public have experienced the humiliation of dismissal at the hands of a guilty organisation, who might seek to ignore your complaint entirely, or they might attempt to brush you off by giving you some token of an apology which attempts to make your complaint seem minor.


But if you've been treated badly in a similar way, this doesn't have to be the end of the matter - we have over a quarter of a century's experience dealing with cases just like this, and have seen not only a proper and respectful amount of compensation be awarded to injured parties, but we have seen organisations such as businesses and Local Authorities change the way they implement procedures – which ultimately makes the roads and public spaces safer for everyone. So to see how you can launch a No Win, No Fee public liability claim, contact us today.


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