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Slip, Trip or Fall

A slip trip or fall is a very common type of injury, and in the twenty five years we've been handling cases of this kind, we've seen a great deal of variation in the injuries our clients have faced. Whether it's a very serious or relatively minor kind of injury, slips trips or falls are a matter not to be taken lightly, and certainly not to be brushed aside. A whiplash, for example, or a muscle strain, can have negative effects which last for months after the accident has happened. Different people who have different lifestyles can be affected to very different degrees by injuries which may, on the surface, seem very similar. Take for example the case of an elderly person – of course a fracture would have further reaching consequences than if the same injury had happened to a younger, more robust person. In cold weather, which causes deceptive snowdrifts and icy pavements, it's even more important for Local Authorities to make sure the ground is made properly safe, and if they fail in this duty of care then of course they should be held accountable for any expenses or pain that arises.


Slip, Trip or Fall We have found that these slip trip, or fall related expenses can take very different forms. If you find yourself having to pay for multiple prescriptions, pay for taxis to and from your medical facility, or even take time off work and therefore suffer loss of earnings, you should be able to claim compensation for these expenses and in recognition of your physical suffering. Contact us today for free, unbiased legal advice on whether your situation will make a viable slip, trip or fall case. We are fully aware of the most efficient way to collect evidence that will support your claim.


There's no reason you shouldn't feel the right to claim the compensation you're entitled to. And if nothing else, the guilty party will be sure not to allow a similar event to happen in the future, and risk having legal action brought against them again. That means that whether it's being more careful about slippery surfaces, adhering properly to health and safety guidelines or making sure to keep the roads and public areas at a safe standard, your actions will prevent people in the future from having to suffer from injuries like yours, which is certainly something you can be very proud of. We pride ourselves on not only bringing a slip trip or fall settlement to a satisfactory conclusion for you, but to bringing about the proper recognition of your pain and suffering – and therefore, seeing proper justice being done.


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